Monday, June 4, 2018

Antes de empezar clases en agosto

Dear Parents and Students,
            Welcome to our Spanish class. I am available through email and voicemail should you have any questions or concerns. E-mail is the best way to communicate with me but feel free to call me on my cell. I am also available most days from 7:15am to approximately 3pm.  I will be in my classroom 2690 during my plan periods 6 & 8. I will be available during access or by appointment.
I will follow the rules and, procedures stated in the student handbook but in addition to those, my guidelines are as follows:
  • Rules:
    • Show respect toward your classmates and the teacher
  • Assessments and tests:
    •  You will be assessed in speaking, reading, writing, listening and culture. These assessments are modeled to the AP exam. Some will be announced but not all. Be ready.
  •  Homework:
    • I do not give a great amount of written work but review every night is required. I do not accept late work and can not be made up. 
  • Absences/tardies: 
    • Excused absence: students will be given one class day to make up work for each excused day of absence, plus one additional day to get the homework/class work completed and turned in unless otherwise discussed. You are still responsible for the work. Check our class web page.
    • School-Wide Tardy ExpectationConsistent class attendance and punctuality are both critical components for academic success and application to the world of work. HRHS continues to build upon these attributes to support growth. If you know you will be absent in advance and need the work for that time.
  • Supplies that are need for class are
    • Notebook –Only for our class
    • Folder Supplied will be shared. Thank you in advance Period 4: a pack of pencils
    • Textbook:  AP Spanish workbook from Vista Higher learning. This is paid for by your fee class fee
  • Extra Credit:
    • I do not give extra credit to make up work or raise your grade. I do, however, give 5pts for a bag of individually wrapped candy/Tissue to be used/eaten in class. 3 packages maximum per semester.
  • Food:
    • I do allow food, as long as along as it does not interfere with our class and as long as I do not have to clean up after you.
  • Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: 
    • I collect cell phones for the entire class period (this includes leaving the room to use the restroom, to get a drink, etc.) The use of cell phones (calls, text messages, games, etc.) is disruptive to the learning environment and affects everyone in the classroom. 
    • Any emergency needs to go through the main school number (303-387-2500) and a message will be sent to you.  If you have a situation you feel constitutes an emergency, please talk to me first.  I do understand that an occasion may arise when you may need to have your phone on and step into the hall to take or make a call. If you use your cell phone without permission the consequences are as follows per HRHS:
  • Grades: 
    • If you do not have a parent account, please contact the counselors. 
    • The grade book will be updated every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. 
    • Grades are weighed as follows: 
      • Skills/Tests 40% 
      • Homework 10%  
      • Classwork/participation 10% 
      • Quizzes 20% 
      • Finals: 20%
  • Parent Contact:
    • If you have any concerns, please contact me as soon as it becomes a concern.I will contact you if your child is not doing his/her work, is constantly not passing tests or misbehaving and if a referral will need to be written.
    • I contact by telephone and email. Please make sure Infinite Campus data is updated I am looking forward to this upcoming school year and I invite you to get in contact with me with any question or concern.